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We search and find the best tutors in your area to help you succeed in English. It’s important not only to find a good tutor but to find the tutor who will exactly match your expectations and needs. We choose only those tutors who are fluent in the skills and already have elite diplomas. It means such tutors can provide innovations in tutoring and help solving problems in different ways.

English Tutor Gold Coast

Ana Stone

english grammar tutor, english tutor for children

Education: Fresno State Molecular Biology/ Forensic Science

I have been a certified College level tutor since 1997, and I have continued tutoring and teaching English, Anatomy/Physiology and Biology over the past 18 years.


[usr 4.9]

Ashley Silva

private english tutor


I use to tutor at a library when I was in high school. I tutored middle school students in English and would help them go over their essays. 5 years + experience.


[usr 4.7]

Branden Cobb

personal english tutor

Education: UCLA, Independent Producing

I have taught a college class in communication. I have an MBA in Marketing and International Business. My Bachelors is in Film and Public Relations. I have extensive experience tutoring grades K-12 in all levels of English.


[usr 4.5]

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We have a flexible system on the site. You can fill the form in the header and ask any questions there. We made this data field for your comfort so you can get all the answers as soon as possible. Our web team always ready to answer the questions you need, share the experience with you and give you a consultation. All you need is to fill the form and our team will contact you soon.

How tutoring works

We guarantee the quality

We check all the tutors before we land their information and contact data on the web site. It means we check the diplomas, marks, letters of recommendations, and also, it’s an important part for us, we communicate personally with all the tutors to understand who is who in person.

Face-to-face tutoring

Awesome skills and sharing knowledge are good when it’s all in complex, tutoring face-to-face. Private lessons are important because you will be saving your time. We explain: you don’t need to get somewhere to see your teacher, because tutor will come to any place you want. So, no need to spend your free time for the road to tutoring office at all. Pick a place and time, and your tutor will be there for you.

Safe tutoring

We are totally for the security. It is very important so our student can feel secure and comfortable with the tutors. That is why we check them all, we speak and get to know better each teacher, so our customers could be satisfied. We try to do our best and tutors too to be not only teachers but friends.

Pricing politics

Pricing differ from tutor to tutor. It depends on many reasons but you can contact with any teacher and make a good deal with he or she. The prices starts from 30$ per hour but remember, all is for you. You can solve the money questions with your tutor if you want to change the pricing of your lessons.

Video — practice of dialogues in English

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Learning English

Nowadays, our life consists with symbols and letters. Anything around you full of them. Signs, CV’s, papers, data, pictures, etc. Even your medical chart fulfilled with letters. In modern society people should write correctly, must read well, understand the rhetoric and all of these stuff are the signs of well-educated person. As the urban proverb says: “People who read will be always smarter than the people who watch TV”. Literature so important for people, especially for young students who only begin their adult life. More over it, correctly picked up books important part of learning English.

Our tutors have best qualities and many of them have their own published books and articles. It is unbelievably interesting to have private lessons not with a tutor but with the writer, who are ready to show all the process of writing in English to you by their own experience. 100% result and getting inspiration will totally satisfied you!

If you not sure about your writing abilities or reading comprehension, and you feel you need help – you are on the right stage. All you need is to pick up a tutor here. We understand all your needs and ready to chat with you to help. We provide best education with the help of best tutors. As you picking up a good teacher to help you, you can be sure you will succeed in English.

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

  • I want to be a journalist and now, in high school I need to start to write to the local school newspaper. It’s my dream to be a well-known reporter, and the main aim for me to get the best education. First step for me is to write correctly, smart and interesting. To get to know how to do it by myself almost impossible. I found a great tutor here and also, she is a local reporter which means I will have a great experience!
  • I am bilingual person. And mostly speak Spanish. But English is more important in my future life and profession. I needed to write correctly, so people around can see I am a well-educated smart person. I tried the private lessons and I can see I write much better now. Almost with no mistakes.
  • English wasn’t a problem for me at all. That was the thought at the beginning of semester in high school. I was so wrong! I have got a home task to read a book “The Great Gatsby” and I understood I haven’t understood anything from it. How could I get best mark if I didn’t know what to write essay about? I was frustrated so much…I looked for the tutor in my local area and actually, I found a good one here. We learned at my home place, at the backyard and she explained me all the difficult stuff from the book. Next week I have got my “B” mark for the essay.
  • Branden is a very good and professional teacher. I really enjoy every lessons with him. Each lesson is well done and prepared. I really recommend him to all student.
    South Gate, Los Angeles
  • I've had ten hours lessons with Ashley. She is a good teacher who is very patient, friendly and professional of course. I'm really happy seeing my progress day by day after each lesson. She always pays attention to correct both of my pronunciation and grammar, she really wants to help. I feel now more confident to speak English, and we keep trying to work out some difficult sounds for me. I truly recommend Ashley as your private English tutor!
    El Monte LA, Los Angeles
  • Ana is an intelligent and brilliant teacher who helps you to do your best during the lesson. She's always careful about my English skills and she's interested in asking about my life looking for enhancing my speaking ability. I totally recommend her if you want to improve seriously your English!
    Inglewood LA, Los Angeles
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